Our Story

We had a hunch from the beginning that business would look this way. Since Sarah was a little girl, her happy place was being my studio side kick. We were destined to work together someday.

Running my art practice as a partnership with my wife Gail, we kept the business close to our hearts. We held the reigns pretty tightly, being selective with where and how people could view and purchase my art. Family has always been extremely important to me, and I’m determined to leave a lasting legacy once all is said and done. How wonderful it is to combine these two passions with Sarah working alongside me. 

As much as she may not like to admit it, my daughter is a chip off the old block, but with the next generation of know how! She knows our artistic passion and understands our ways more than anyone. We’re grateful she's chosen to step into our shoes, running the business so we can take it a little easier and I can do what I love most with my time – paint.

Our desire has always been to enrich people’s homes with colour and brightness, and we hope that by doing so, this brightness flows into their lives. We know the impact art can have on an atmosphere and we passionately play our part. Through my paintings and our approach to business, we’re uplifting homes with joyful colour and story-telling detail, always leaving you with something new to discover.