ARTIST - Jeffrey Baker

Jeffrey Baker is a self-taught artist living on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Surf culture shaped Jeffrey’s early career, both on the waves and as an artist. As a young painter, he worked on surfboards and began his lifelong love of colour, perspective and the natural environment. Jeffrey first gained recognition as a conventional artist working in Bondi Beach in the mid 1970s. At age 24, he held his first solo exhibition, and has exhibited regularly in Australia ever since.

Throughout his career, Jeffrey’s art has been available exclusively at his exhibitions or at his studio/
gallery. This has brought new and return buyers to experience his work in person and meet the
man behind the paintings. 

Jeffrey’s work captures the freedom and transience of life. Inspiration comes from natural and man-made environments, the way a gentle breeze lifts a leaf, or a sunbeam strikes the pavement. He is a master of colour and movement, combining these with precision honed over 40 years of painting in his unique surrealist style.

Jeffrey’s work is held by clients from around Australia and overseas and can also be seen in businesses and government buildings. He is happily married with three adult children, and is always in the mood for a chat.